5 Best Dating Affiliate Programs

Posted by on January 9, 2019
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  • 1. Loveplanet
One of the oldest dating sites out there. You get 1 dollar for every profile that gets registered. They also offer you up to 50% of all money spent on paid services by these users. The latter seems to draw more money than just getting people registered. You get paid once a month upon reaching a certain amount of money on your account. They provide you with various promotional materials (banners, etc.). It is also possible to create your own dating site on the basis of their partner program. The resource will look like their main site (with minor changes), but it will be hosted on your domain of choice.Things to ask a girl to keep the conversation going.

  • 2. Mylove
A relatively new service, but it has a number of advantages to it. It offers to create a partner site on its own domain, and you can also change its HTML and CSS code and present a completely new dating site to search engines. The site can be filled with articles to attract traffic from search engines. You get no money for registered users, but you get up to 70% from their investments into paid services.

  • 3. Mamba
Mamba is one of the most famous dating sites out there. You get 45% from users’ investments into Mamba’s paid services. There is an opportunity to get some money for every person that gets registered on Mamba, but quite frankly, they don’t allow it to any random webmaster, it is a rare thing. Payment methods are somewhat limited, but there is room for negotiation. There is a large selection of banners that you can use. Also note that they have 8 types of affiliate programs, including mobile traffic. By and large, they differ from each other only in the type of traffic. There is the possibility of creating a partner site.

  • 4. Teamo
Quite a big dating site as well. You get around 40% from the users’ investments into paid services, but conditions may vary. There are three affiliate programs: for projects with less than 100 thousand visitors per month, for projects with more than 100 thousand visitors per month and for dating sites. There are a large number of promotional materials, for large projects they are developed individually, given the design and all that.

  • 5. eDarling
They pay for confirmed registrations (the user needs to pass a test to get registered), you get around 1,5 dollars for every registration. eDarling positions itself as a European dating site, so if you have European traffic, then this affiliate program may suit you. For different countries – there are different conditions, for example, if a Spaniard signs up, you will receive two euros as a reward.

The effectiveness of the affiliate program will strongly depend on your knowledge of your own audience. For example, Teamo is positioning itself as a serious dating site with far-reaching goals, Mamba has a reputation as a site where people are looking for casual sex. Therefore, to choose an affiliate program, you have to know your audience. For example, Loveplanet or Mamba will work well for young people, and for adult people it is better to choose eDarling or Teamo.

The main advantage is that almost any site is suitable for making money on these affiliate programs. To be honest, this is the best time to invest yourself and your money into this business. It is on the rise and it ain’t going to stop any time soon.

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