How to Get Your Dating Site on Google's First Page

Posted by on July 12, 2019
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It has been a well-known fact for a long time - projects that imitate real human feelings are becoming extremely popular on the internet. Being able to interact and communicate with other people, finding friends and partners without leaving your home, these things will never get old. But it may seem to you, from a startup point of view, that the market of dating is monopolized, you cannot enter this business. But if your project carries an original idea behind it, then you will succeed in your goals. However, don’t relax just yet, it will take a lot of effort and time.

But for starters it will only take Internet access, money for advertising and accounts in social networks.

Let’s start promoting your dating website:

  • 1. Register several female accounts on social networks. Upload some beautiful photos for their profile pictures, fill in information, add friends and keep them active, as if they were real pages. The more popular these accounts will become, the more men will be interested in speaking with this imaginary lady. You will have to accept their friend requests and chat with them, just don’t go too far. After some time of communication, send them the following: “I do not like this site, can we switch to **? You can find me there.
  • 2. Do the same with male accounts. You might be surprised how many single women are out there on social networks. You should be more active in this, visit different dating pages and leave your messages there. Then repeat the same process as you did with women’s profiles. It’s really that simple, you have to lurk in people to get traffic money from your website. Just don’t be too robotic in your responses, feel genuine.
  • 3. Always consider different sorts of advertisements via social networks. You can pay for a post on a public page or a group, it won’t cost you that much, but it will surely bring you several thousand visitors, many of whom will most likely get registered on your site and thus, you will get them as regular users.
  • 4. Don’t forget about rating sites. Here’s why such sites exist, people come looking on the internet for a good dating site, they don’t know which should they pick. Thus, these rating sites are out there, you should register your site on as many rating sites as possible to attract more users.
  • 5. Use the services of CEO-optimizers. As a rule, dating sites are very difficult to promote in search engines, because there is very little text content that could be optimized with keywords. Therefore, it will be very difficult for a person without special knowledge to carry out such work, but a professional who can be found on various forums for webmasters or freelance sites will deal with this task with ease.
  • 6. Start an advertising campaign in the contextual advertising network called Google Adwords. While it will take some time to get it going, there will be lots of profit from this. Adwords services aren’t that expensive, but they will bring lots of new users to your site. And even if you weren’t able to get it going – there are lots of specialists to be found online as well.

An additional advice:

Promotion of a single ladies site will require more investment than promotion of a regular content site like a blog, because you will have to directly invest in advertising. Calculate your budget so that you do not have to freeze the project because of lack of funds.

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