Episode 187: “Drunk on the Porch” with Erik Griffin

From “WORKAHOLICS,” stand up comedian, Erik Griffin!

Twitter: @ErikGriffin

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2 Responses to Episode 187: “Drunk on the Porch” with Erik Griffin

  1. james bull says:

    Eddie Ifft, i started listening to talking shit as a Jim Jefferies fan who had never heard of you but i am glad to say i appreciate your hard work and effort with the Talking Shit Network. You have made an amazing effort to keep the show going in Jims absence. I will continue to listen to the podcast as you guys (including drunk Jason) crack me up and get me through the working week. Good luck to Jim, will always be a fan but i am a proud shit head and will continue to stay that way. Love guests like Pompa, McCarthy and Yoshi. Heres to the next phase in Talking Shit!

  2. Donk says:

    Enjoying the shows. Sad to see Jim go
    but as a fellow Australian living in the US I can
    Appreciate his efforts and oppertunities. Eddie,Jason and Crew
    Will be moving forward and up and keep us happy,entertained
    And surprised with their antics and sick humor.

    Well done Guys, love the show. Good luck!

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