Episode 188: “Empty Promises” with Yoshi and Gene Pompa

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3 Responses to Episode 188: “Empty Promises” with Yoshi and Gene Pompa

  1. gee says:

    Whats up guys eddie great job on keeping the show together bro gona miss jim but from the way shit was going his last two times on he was just being a dick no longer funny ide lime to nominate gene pompa or felipe esparza as your new cohost most your fans are beaners any way n eway great episode love u guys your real fans will always b here ps. Go fuck your selfs

  2. kymelle says:

    I see the donate buttons, but where the download buttons to download podcast episodes? I’m a fan of b.kelly, nobody likes onions, sick and wrong, johnnie b show, ari sahffir, from the ville, keith and the girl and bill burr’s monday mornin would like to preview

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